Unite-IT Community Manager


Unite-IT Community Manager


Telecentre Europe AISBL is a European non-for-profit association with a central office in Brussels, Belgium. We represent publicly funded telecentres / telecentre networks, ICT learning centres, adult education centres and libraries across Europe where children and adults can access the Internet, learn the latest digital skills and keep up to date with technology and community developments. We coordinate a number of projects, programmes and campaigns that empower people through ICT by finding new paths to employment, community life, relevant information and staying in touch with friends and family. All our members and partners believe that Information and Communication technology has an enormous potential to combat social exclusion and poverty.


We are looking for a Community Manager for the Unite-IT online community (www.unite-it.eu). Unite-IT is an informal network of digital inclusion professionals and practitioners throughout Europe and beyond. Presently the Unite-IT community has 750 registered members from 85 individual countries. Members are professionals working for organisations specialised in digital inclusion, or people simply interested in digital skills and community development – the Unite-IT community is for all. Unite-IT offers a rich database of good practices, e-Inclusion policies and resources, hosts 5 working groups, and provides a space for collaboration, sharing, discussions, and networking. Unite-IT is the wider informal community of individuals beyond formal institutional members of Telecentre Europe.

The Unite-IT Community Manager will:

  • Communicate with the members of the network, such as
    • Answer potential questions from the members
    • Invite new people to join the network and make sure the process to join the network is smooth and new members are personally welcomed
    • Motivate members to contribute with blogposts, with news, events and discussions
    • Make sure the community is always aware of Telecentre Europe’s activities, events and projects
    • Get members to update their profiles
  • Communicate with group moderators, such as
    • Make sure group moderators are active and posting discussions
    • Help group moderators to activate group members
  • Ensure the smooth run of the community, such as
    • Make sure spammers are kept out of community
    • Approve and edit blogposts, videos and photos members put on the community
    • Moderate forum discussions and initiate ones when needed
    • Create short tutorials to explain how the community works
    • Promote the community and members’ activities on social media channels


  • Not specified


  • Extensive experience with social media (ideally with NING) with content management and general communication
  • Experience in working with telecentres or international non-profit organisations would be an asset
  • Being already a member of the Unite-IT community would be an asset


  • Sociable and easy to approach
  • Technically savvy and eager to learn how the NING network functions
  • Interested in digital skills, digital inclusion and other topics of Telecentre Europe
  • Excellent organisational, networking and communication skills
  • Self-reliance and autonomy, as well as facility for teamwork in a task-oriented environment
  • Strong interpersonal skills


  • Excellent oral and written command of English
  • Knowledge of French and other EU languages would be an asset


  • Fixed term 25% full-time equivalent consultancy contract until 31 December 2016
  • Start date: 1 May 2016 or as soon as possible
  • If considered desirable and in the organisation’s interest, the contract may be extended
  • Consultancy fee: 500 EUR + VAT / month
  • Place of work: not specified


  • Applications shall be submitted by email to jobs@telecentre-europe.org in English. Please mention “Community Manager” in your email subject line.
  • Please provide your CV and a short description of your professional experiences and skills corresponding to the job requirements
  • Deadline for applications: Wednesday, 27 April 2016
  • For further information on this post, please contact Mr Peter Palvolgyi, Acting Managing Director (peter.palvolgyi@telecentre-europe.org)