Stronger team for Telecentre-Europe

Following a thorough evaluation of applications coming from several highly qualified candidates, Telecentre-Europe is pleased to announce that Gabriel Rissola has been selected and appointed as Telecentre-Europe’s Managing Director, by a Selection Committee of nine members of the international telecentre community.

Simultaneously, Peter Palvolgyi has been appointed as the new Financial Officer.

Gabriel Rissola brings to Telecentre-Europe 24 years of extensive international experience in digital inclusion projects.

With a long-lasting interest in the development of telecentres as engines of learning, empowerment and social change, Gabriel always looked for the opportunities to put technology at the service of people. After a decade devoted to the Internet industry (where he was an entrepreneur both in the online media and learning sub-industries) Gabriel started to run action-research projects with a policy perspective, becoming expert in fund-raising and project management of transnational initiatives, always around the topic of ICT for learning and empowerment.

Peter Palvolgyi is a former member of Telecentre-Europe’s Board, stepping down from this role when he applied for a part-time staff position within the organization.

Peter has a solid background in administrative and financial issues related to telecentre networks.
He has been connected to telecentres since 2000, taking active part in the implementation of the Hungarian telecentre program.

Telecentre-Europe’s staff is now formed by four members:

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