Veronique de Leener

Member organisation: Maks vzw
Country: Belgium

Veronique is the founder and director of Maks vzw since 1999. Maks vzw has 2 telecentres and runs all kind of activities in the field of digital inclusion with disadvantaged persons of all ages, using the peer to peer leraning and learning by doing methodology. Maks vzw has participated in different European projects as a partner of Telecentre Europe.

Before working at Maks, Veronique was a director of a VET school, for youngsters between 15 and 20 years old (alternate working-studying). From 1982 till 1987, she was a teacher in the same school, teaching Dutch, French, and computer technology. Veronique is also a certified coach.  In 2015-2016,  she helped the Board of Telecentre Europe as a financial controller and supported the staff of Telecentre Europe in some practical aspects.


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