Community and Campaigns Manager

Ekaterina Clifford joined Telecentre Europe in June 2016  to manage the annual conference, which was held in October 2016 in Ghent and later - the Get Online Week 2017 campaign.  She also supports the wider network of Telecentre Europe - Unite-IT community, which is an informal social network of digital inclusion experts and practitioners.

Ekaterina has been involved in telecentre movement since 1999, working to empower citizens to use ICT to improve their lives and to promote social change. Her primary experience was with strategic development of IDEA and Tvoy Kurs programs, supported by Microsoft, which trained 380,000 people in e-skills through the network of 170 training centres in Russia. She helped to establish Telecentre Europe as a member of the Steering Committee during 2007-2010 and also facilitated establishing the Russian language online network for the Eurasian telecentre community.

Most recently, Ekaterina helped to create the skills model in YouRock.Jobs and supported its development, roll-out and translation. Prior to this, she managed projects on technology capacity building for civil society organizations in Central and Eastern Europe run by Fundacja TechSoup in Warsaw.

Social Media