Funded by:
LifeLong Learning Programme( European Commission)
24 months
Start date:
End date:
The acronym M4ALL stands for "motion- based adaptable playful learning experiences for children with motor and intellectual disabilities".

The playful learning experiences will take the form of games. M4ALL educational games will be developed using affordable and widespread interactive technology. The games will offer customisation capabilities to enable caregivers adapt the gaming experience to the individual requirements of each child.The learning effectiveness of M4ALL games will be evaluated in educational institutions or therapeutic centers through a set of pilot studies in different countries.

In addition, M4ALL will provide a conceptual framework to help designers and developers who build motion/game-based applications for children with disabilities.The project will also provide a pedagogical model that identifies the principles for exploiting bodily interaction and gaming activities in special education.

Finally, M4ALL will develop training material on
how to use the project games. This compendium will help therapists and special educators. It will facilitate the use of these tools outside therapeutic centers and schools, for example at home, enabling parents to be directly involved in the educational process of their children.

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