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Erasmus+ KA3 Social Inclusion through Education, training and youth
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BRIGHTS “Boosting Global Citizenship Education using digital storytelling” project aims at fostering social cohesion and promoting intercultural dialogue and democratic values in Europe.

In BRIGHTS we will promote Global Citizenship Education (GCE) in formal and non-formal Education with the help of digital storytelling (DS) techniques, leading to more socially inclusive Education and training policies and practices in Europe. We will increase awareness and knowledge on GCE among educators, trainers, policy makers and the civil society, and will give young people real opportunities to challenge discriminations, value cultural diversity and become active citizens. This will led to the establishment of the first European Community on Global Citizenship Education.

BRIGHTS’ objectives are: a) to build teachers’ and trainers’ capacity to implement GCE with young people using digital storytelling techniques, and b) to empower young people to develop social, civic and intercultural competences as well as critical thinking, media literacy, creativity and digital skills. In practice, young people will produce digital stories on Global Citizenship topics.

The project will be implemented in Belgium, Croatia, Greece and Italy.

We will develop a blended training course with a MOOC and face-to-face workshops on the principles of GCE and its application through digital storytelling. We will train secondary school teachers and trainers working with young people. As part of their training, selected teachers and trainers will directly test the acquired methodology with young people (aged 13-19) in schools and in non-formal educational contexts. We expect a great number of interesting and reflective digital stories produced by youngsters on global challenges and subjects including human rights, peace and democratic values, intercultural dialogue, active citizenship etc. On the policy level, we will produce informative materials and recommendations and raise awareness on BRIGHTS values, objectives and activities among policy-makers and the civil society.


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