Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

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DG Connect
24 months
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The Digital Skills and Job Coalition builds on the success of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs. A consortium of European Schoolnet, DIGITALEUROPE, and Telecentre-Europe will be leading efforts to scale-up national coalitions across Europe, make pledges for digital jobs and bridging the digital skills gap.

Member States are invited to develop comprehensive national digital skills strategies by mid-2017 on the basis of targets set by end-2016. This includes:

  • Establishing national digital skills coalitions connecting public authorities, business, education, training and labour market stakeholders.
  • Developing concrete measures in the form of pledges to DJSC to bring digital skills and competences to all levels of education and training, supporting teachers and educators and promoting active involvement of business and other organisations.

Telecentre-Europe key coordination tasks in the DSJC is to scale up National Coalitions, and establish coalitions in countries where there are none.
Telecentre-Europe members are also invited to join a National Coalition, form a National Coalition or make a pledge.


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