Media Action Kureghem City (MAKS)

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Maks empowers people to create their own success stories. All 3 subdivisions work closely together offering accessible environment to help people acquire 21st century (computer) skills:

  • KureghemNet/1080 PC,  2 telecentres with entry level courses and media education projects, working with children and youngsters but also with adults.
  • Kurasaw Tewerkstelling, an employment counselling service, with a specific programme for NEETS from 18 till 25
  • Kurasaw Productions, a graphics service in social economy

Maks is situated in one of the most deprived neighbourhoods of Brussels, namely Kuregem. Most inhabitants here come from an immigrant background. Within a population of about 25,000 spread over just 2km², there are over 80 different nationalities. Both the unemployment and illiteracy rates are high. In 2013 youth unemployment increased to an alarming 50%.  Maks is also an on the job training center for Neets who want to become educator in multimedia and graphic design.


Jan Debognies
Coordinator telecentres