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Members at the General Assembly meeting in Brussels in February 2015

Members at the General Assembly meeting in Brussels in February 2015

Are you working as an organisation in the field of digital skills and digital inclusion? Telecentre Europe accepts applications from national/regional telecentre and library networks and NGOs active in our fields of activity.

If your organisational goals can align and relate to the mission of Telecentre Europe, you might consider joining us as a formal or associate member. Joining Telecentre Europe will confer certain benefits and responsibilities and will automatically introduce you to a wider community of European stakeholders and community members.

» Members

Organisations (NGOs, governmental bodies, social enterprises) geographically located in the European zone whose profiles fit under one or more categories below:

  • Individual telecentres that don’t belong to formally established networks of telecentres
  • Formally established networks of telecentres
  • Organisations running informal networks of telecentres
  • Organisations running, supporting or whose work directly impact telecentres

» Associate Members

Any person, association, organisation, institution or company wishing to support the activities of Telecentre Europe. Associate Members can be located within, or outside of the European zone.


» Knowledge and resource sharing

  • TE facilitates/acts as a broker for the sharing between our members of products, knowledge and expertise. In particular TE helps members find information about funding opportunities at the EU level.
  • Access to small grants for systematic staff & volunteer exchange scheme
  • Access to TE’s online professional community (UNITE IT), newsletter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all other online networking facilities
  • Subsidised participation and grants to attend the TE annual conferences and General Assembly
  • Access to hardware and software donations, ICT product testing, training & student volunteer placement, funding/grants screening

» Advocacy at European level

Increased visibility at European level and enhanced credibility at national level through:

  • Participation in various relevant events at EU level by TE or its members
  • Members’ profiles on the TE website
  • News on members’  activities on the TE website and in social media channels and newsletter
  • Facilitated participation in European research and studies relevant to members

» Capacity building

  • Access to training programmes organized by TE or its partners on various topics of interest
  • Access to grants for organizing / developing national activities regarding some European campaigns / projects (e.g. Get online week)
  • Access to European funded projects in consortia built / facilitated by TE
  • Access to award schemes developed by TE for its members within events and campaigns (e.g. TE Awards 2012)


• Members can only be located from within the European zone of the member states of the Council of Europe.
• Members will have to pay membership fees when they become payable.
• See the full text of the Telecentre Europe Statutes for all details.

Categories & fees 

Telecentre‐Europe annual membership fees have been set at levels to encourage as many organizations as possible to join. The Member and the Associate Member pays an annual fee fixed by the General Assembly (GA) on proposal of the Board. The following annual membership fees are set by the GA:

Members                        €500 (updated 03/03/2016)

Associate members    €500 

How to join?

Organizations interested to join Telecentre Europe as members have to follow the procedure described below:

An official response will be provided by Telecentre Europe in 10 working days from the date of your submission. In case you have any questions on the membership, you can contact Laurentiu Bunescu.

Are you already a member?

Have a look at our WELCOME GUIDE to get you started!